Eastwest, the most critical axis around which the current conflicts on the planet revolve, seen from a European and Mediterranean vantage point, an alternative to the prevailingly Anglo-American approach. With constant attention being paid to the relationship between politics, economics, finance, geography and society. In essence, a  different take on geopolitics.

Eastwes.eu, an online geopolitical daily, and Eastwest, the bimonthly magazine, in its Italian and English editions now on sale at newsagents and bookshops in 24 different countries, offer a range of exclusive and original articles from every corner of the globe. Analyses, interviews, influential opinions, exchanges of ideas and chronicles of international politics, as it increasingly shapes current events and all our lives.  From technological revolutions to economic and financial ones, not forgetting social developments, Eastonline and Eastwest encompass a new geopolitical paradigm.

Eastwest is a publication registered at the Count of Milan as no. 451 on 21.06.2004, editor in chief Giuseppe Scognamiglio

Eastwes.eu is a publication registered at the Court of Rome as no. 12 on 09.02.2016,  editor in chief Fabrizio Goria

Publisher Europeye srl – via Gregorio VII 368, 00165 Roma – europeye.com

Scientific Committee

Jean Pierre Mustier (President), Giuseppe Scognamiglio (Vicepresident), Reuben Abraham, Giuliano Amato, Emma Bonino, Umit Boyner, Claudio Corbino, Joschka Fischer, Silvia Francescon, Enrico Giovannini, Aleksander Kwasniewski, Enrico Letta, Myrta Merlino, Giovanni Moro, Mario Nava, Attilio Maria Navarra, Vincenzo Nigro, Pier Carlo Padoan, Lapo Pistelli, Romano Prodi, Alexei Pushkov, Giuseppe Recchi, Anne-Marie Slaughter, Javier Solana, Boris Tadic, Danilo Taino, Zuo Xuejin, Matteo Zuppi.

Fabrizia Falzetti -  fabrizia.falzetti@europeye.com
Silvia Settecasi -  silvia.settecasi@europeye.com
Skype Redazione: east.magazine
Telephone: 063700556

Ilaria Sbarigia - ilaria.sbarigia@europeye.com

Marketing e Advertising
Theresa Lindo – theresa.lindo@europeye.com

Web Master
Luca Pizzato - luca.pizzato@europeye.com

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