A good year to buy mink


After years of disrepute, fur is in fashion – and cheap.

A funny thing happened on the catwalks of winter 2015 women’s ready-to-wear collections.

In Paris and Milan, fur overcame a long season of disrepute. Giorgio Armani’s models slinked down the runway with fur-trimmed bags and shaggy black fur coats. Alexander McQueen turned loose a pack of feral, lynx-like females draped in goat, skunk and fox skins. Prada models donned shearling coats in vivid red, purple and yellow, while Versace paired shaggy red fur with a red silk negligee. Even Missoni included a grey-striped fur among its multi-colored knits.

“At least two thirds of Fashion Week runway shows had fur garments. This was almost unthinkable until a short while ago,” said Roberto Scarpella, president of the Italian Fur Association at the March MIFUR fur trade show in Milan.

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