AREA2,381,741 sq km
GDP161,108 milion € (2013)
INFLATION2,1% (2014)
MEDIAN AGE27 years

A president for life?

In spite of failing health, 81-year-old President Bouteflika is running for a fifth term. If his country doesn’t first blow up, it will surely grind to a halt.
Alessandro Balduzzi

The future is writ in history

The parallel yet divergent fates of two similar countries provide further proof that the roots of the Middle Eastern chaos lie in European colonial history.
Andrew Lebovich

How its leadership is failing

While dreaming of becoming the pan-African gas hub and unseating the leadership of Egypt and Libya in North Africa, the country today is in dire trouble.
Valentina Saini

Algiers in the shadow of a Chinese minaret

Ten thousand Chinese will build a gigantic mosque in the Algerian capital.
Francesco Guarascio

Adolfo Kaminsky: Forger for the Good

Argentine-born French Jew Adolfo Kaminsky suddenly found himself in the vortex of 1930s anti-Semitism. Arrested along with his family, he was providentially freed and able to return to Occupied Paris, where he began a remarkable career as a master forger and counterfeiter.
Marina Gersony