AREA475,440 sq km
GDP20,825 milion € (2013)
INFLATION2,6% (2013)
MEDIAN AGE18 years

Yaoundé gets red-carded

The republic will have to forego hosting the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations due to delays in its organisation and a precarious security record
Marco Cochi

A footballer in government

The appeal of the sport and some of the candidates’ footballing fame could affect the presidential race by making people take their eye off the ball.
Guido Talarico

Cameroon's Anglophone Regions Crisis is at a dead end

While international media are focused on the independence instances of Iraqi Kurdistan and Catalonia, many ignore that there is also a country in Africa where the secession wind rushing blows. This is Cameroon, where a year of hard state repression has not weakened the claim of independence in two of the ten country's regions.
Marco Cochi

Boko Haram threatens again Cameroon and northern Nigeria's

Electoral promise by Nigerian President Muhammad Bukhari's, severely ill for months, to definitively free the nation from Boko Haram's terror and bring peace back to being abstract, as confirmed by repeated attacks by the Nigerian extremist group.
Marco Cochi

Boko Haram, new leaders and new strategy?

The latest series of attacks waged by Nigerian Boko Haram jihadists confirms that the group affiliated with the Islamic State is fully active and still poses a direct threat that extends from Nigeria to Cameroon, Chad, Benin and Niger.This is demonstrated by the killing of four people and the kidnapping of three women occurred last Tuesday in the village of Kautuva, near the city of Chibok, in northeastern Nigeria, where in April 2014, the Islamist militants kidnapped 276 girls.
Marco Cochi