Art – Working with the senses


Music, scents and the visual arts stimulate the visitors and awaken new feelings.

The 57th Venice International Art Exhibition: certainly a “yes to life, followed by a but, at a time of global disorder” as the Curator Christine Macel writes in her introduction. Viva Arte Viva means to infuse positive energy, and in the French Pavilion the “Study Venice” installation has certainly achieved that goal.

Curated by Lionel Bovier (director of the MAMCO Art Museum in Geneva) and Christian Marclay, the artistic project was entrusted to the Parisian Xavier Veilhan.

Studio Venezia is an opportunity to be seduced by Veilhan’s artistic audacity as the visitor becomes an active participant in the exhibition space, decked out with wooden shapes and music, where intense smells mingle with the audio of the musical instruments playing… the senses are gratified.

The walls, ceiling and floor form a wooden landscape that almost seems at odds with the extremely rational and linear external architecture of the Pavilion. A recording studio has even been built inside, so that what could appear to be merely an artistic space also has a specific practical purpose.

The desire to conceive and build a place of art is successfully realised, and in this way the visitors curiosity is appeased. Xavier Veilhan often works on musical projects, and he is expected to organise a number of exhibitions and performances during this Venice Biennale, a continuation of his exploration of the possible relationships between music and the visual arts.

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