AREA513,120 sq km
GDP299,440 milion € (2013)
INFLATION2,5% (2014)
MEDIAN AGE36 years

The army or democracy

In the last four years, the army has managed to impose some form of stability on a divided country.  Will it now allow fair elections to take place?
Alessandro Ursic

Grieving the late great king

One year of official mourning for the sovereign who guided his nation towards harmony delays the choice of new leadership until 2018.
Pokpong Charaysombat

The Kra Isthmus, a strategic shortcut

The idea may be more than 300 years old, but now it's back in the news: a canal, similar to those in Panama and suez, cutting southern Thailand in two and thus creating a short cut between the Far east, the Persian Gulf, and Europe.
Alessandro Ursic

An entirely oriental idyll

The honeymoon between the Land of Smiles and the Red Dragon doesn't suit everyone.
Alessandro Ursic

The last divine monarchy

The moral authority of Thailand’s king shields less godlike interests.
Alessandro Ursic