AREA331,210 sq km
MEDIAN AGE29 years
Source: CIA, World Bank, CPI, World Economic Forum, 2016

Political Background

Vietnam is a one-party state, within which the CPV dominates all the institutions, including the government, the army and the bureaucracy. The party’s highest body is the 19-member politburo, elected by the Central Committee, which is itself elected at the five-yearly party congress. The three most senior party leaders are the CPV's General Secretary, Nguyen Phu Trong; the President, Tran Dai Quang and the Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc. Trong was re-elected for a second term in January 2016 during a Congress of the party. On the same occasion Phuc was picked as premier. Both appointments can be seen as a choice to maintain the status quo. The presidency is a more ceremonial post. Quang, a former police chief, was elected in April by the National Assembly.








Hi-tech Hanoi!

Low labour costs and a free trade policy attract major electronics multinationals. Now comes the choice of a partner: China or the United States?
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Vietnam: il tigrotto sta crescendo in fretta

Il Pil cresce in media del 7% l’anno, l’industria tocca punte del 10%. L’agricoltura, scesa in dieci anni dal 40% al 23% del Pil, è diventata estremamente competitiva e fa paura sia in Asia sia in America. E tuttavia l’ambizione di copiare il modello di sviluppo cinese comporta scompensi e squilibri in un Paese enormemente più piccolo. Il divario tra città e campagne, per esempio…
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SWF: Young, Beautiful, Preferably a Virgin

In recent years, middle-aged Taiwanese and South Korean men have begun trawling Vietnam for arranged marriages and virgin brides.
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Vietnam Grows in China’s Shadow

Vietnam's broad-minded interpretation of socialism has opened the door to its involvement on the international commercial scene.
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The New Cold War Involves Hanoi and Beijing

Vietnam is making rapid, China-like growth strides, despite high inflation and infrastructure weaknesses. More troubling, however, is the deteriorating of its relationship with Beijing, which has slipped into a Cold War coma as a result of ongoing disputes over South China Sea islands.
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EastWest 65

Hi-tech Hanoi!

Simon Dickson