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NATO and Russia, are we approaching the point of no return?

Diplomatic relations between Russia and NATO hit a new record low as Russia announces to suspend the work of its permanent mission to the Atlantic Alliance in Brussels and that of NATO diplomats in Moscow. Is this part of the usual ‘tit-for-tat’ or will it be game over?

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan: the shapers of Central Asia

Central Asia has always been considered a fragmented territory, where tribal clans hold power to the detriment of central bureaucracies. The main powers interested in penetrating the region are China, Russia, Turkey and Pakistan

Afghanistan, the indomitable land

The failure of a foreign power to retain control of Afghanistan is anything but unprecedented. Yet, the unmasking of the profound fragility of the liberal international order that came with it is a watershed in the international panorama

AUKUS: friends and nuclear submarines

The launch of the trilateral pact called AUKUS is a gigantic development in the Indo-Pacific area, but it has deeply irritated China and France and it sets a dangerous precedent for the Treaty of Non-Proliferation

The disaster of the Aral Sea and the risk of new water wars

The threat posed by new water wars to the stability of the region is not only a political issue, but also involve social, economic and environmental elements

“Open Balkan” initiative, an alternative to EU

Closed gates of the European Union led to "Open Balkan" initiative, the idea of forming a common market for countries waiting for EU membership, previously known as "Mini-Schengen Area"

Goodbye Suga, who’s next?

Prime Minister Suga announced he will not run again for his party presidency. The next LDP president will likely become the next Prime Minister of Japan, but, unlike in past years, the primary result is not easily foreseeable, and the role is up for grab

There is no place for India in the Taliban’s Afghanistan

After the recapture of Kabul, the Taliban announced the closure of trade routes that allowed Afghan products to reach India through Pakistan. With no more trade, Delhi has lost any leverage in a strategic country in which it has invested a lot

Brexit Reality Portraits, a Young European Movement project

Within the BRP project, the Young European Movement UK shows the impact of Brexit to people across the UK and the European Union

Afghanistan, the Taliban and the social media

A new front in the Afghan war: how the Taliban is making the most of social media platforms