REPORT – YOUTH AND POLITICS (2) – #rebelsontheweb

Shouting slogans, taunting authority, reporting abuse, challenging power, the youth in authoritarian states fight their battles on social media.

What does algorithm mean? Digital Challenges for dummies

[caption id="attachment_72439" align="alignnone" width=""]The friendship algorithm of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, Ph. D. Photo credits[/caption]Algorithms seem to be defining our world, we hear so much talk about them that some of us have come to wonder what they actually are. Not a complicated description that will take time, commitment and competence to understand. A simple description that let's us know what we're talking about and decide whether we need to delve deeper or stop there.

Home-made gnocchi

Home-made gnocchi are a traditional Italian recipe. Typical peasant dish, which is made only with potatoes and flour, they are good with any kind of sauce. It is said that less flour is used to make them, the more they will be good, because the potatoes flavour won’t be changed almost at all. With this cooking method, in the microwave, potatoes are cooked without absorbing the water that it’s normally used to cook them, so theywill  remain well cooked but at the same time dry inside. Let's see what ingredients you’ll need to make them for 4 persons: 1 kg of potatoes 100 g flour Two pinches of salt Preparation -Wash the potatoes and dry them. Prick them with a knife several times, so that they will cook evenly. -Put them in a bowl and cook in the microwave at full power for about 8 minutes. Once done, prick again the potatoes with a fork. If they are soft in the middle, it means they are ready to go, otherwise put them back in the microwave for about 2 minutes and check them again each time, until they are cooked throughout. -Let cool them a little and peel them. With the help of a potato masher, mash them very well and on a clean work surface and spread them evenly to cool them a little bit. -Now add the flour a little at a time together with salt and knead until you get a dough that does not stick anymore to your fingers. -Cut a piece of dough and make a long “rope”, not too thin. Cut the rope  into small pieces of about 3 cm and spend every bit above the tines of a fork or above the appropriate wooden tool to scratch gnocchi. -Boil salted water and dipped gnocchi inside. When they will rise to the surface, they are ready to be drained. Toss them with the sauce of your choice. @Angelinaincucin

Our megacities are sinking

Fast-growing urban centres are collapsing under their own weight.

The name is the game

For independence movements, an Internet domain can be half the battle.

Classic contraband

Tobacco: the most smuggled legal substance in the world.

Silver linings in dark clouds

"Catastrophe bonds" generate profits for investors who guess right about disaster.

Fewer rights for expectant mothers

American states are imprisoning women who drink or do drugs while pregnant.

Marcos, the virtual death of a ‘No Global’ hero

Part imposter, part revolutionary, the Subcomandante of the Chiapas revolt hangs up his balaclava and his 'hologram'. When, on the night of May 25, the mythical leader Subcomandante Marcos started his long, poetic and melancholic statement on Radio Insurgente, no one expected him to announce his own death. Even less so his re-birth. Just the day before, the Mexican leader of the Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) had made his first public appearance after five years of silence. He was on horseback, wearing a black balaclava and smoking a pipe, sporting a pirate skull-and-crossbones patch over his right eye. If you want to read it all, purchase the entire issue in pdf for just three euro