22 April 2020

What will the world be like after coronavirus? The same!

As infections, including in Italy, are decreasing, everyone in Europe looks to a return to normalcy

31 March 2020

The coronavirus exit strategy

Coronavirus: which is the best exit strategy? Nationalist, intergovernmental or supranational?

15 March 2020

Not missiles, but microbes: the speech of Bill Gates

“The failure to prepare could allow the next epidemic to be dramatically more devastating than Ebola”. The philanthropist had already raised the alarm in 2015

12 March 2020

Podcast: the geopolitics of the coronavirus

How is the emergency situation today? Should be a stronger communication between WHS and countries to address the crisis in a multilateral way? Our Director Giuseppe Scognamiglio answers

6 March 2020

Coronavirus, keep calm!

In a climate in which it is difficult to navigate, between fake news and incomplete or contradictory news, we analysts of international politics focus on economic and social impacts. The experience of previous global epidemics tells us that, once the current emergency is reduced, the economic rebound is immediate. For a fragile economy like Italy, […]

2 June 2019

Steve Bannon: dialogue with the Devil [Part 4]

Why should we choose between America and China? The answer, for Steve Bannon, is simple. America is not a murderous dictatorship

1 June 2019

Steve Bannon: dialogue with the Devil [Part 3]

As an advocate for no deal, Bannon is convinced that the UK will have no problems after Brexit

30 May 2019

Steve Bannon: dialogue with the Devil [Part 2]

For Trump’s guru, Republicans are the only ones fighting illegal immigration in US

28 May 2019

Steve Bannon: dialogue with the Devil [Part 1]

Donald Trump’s guru shares his vision of the world. But it doesn’t persuade us…