Murder music – Songs of homicide

Before the invention of crime reporting there were the murder ballad. These songs described violent crimes and fearful retributions, and the listener was often moved to compassion for the murderer as much as the victim.

Oslo, the city that buys waste

Oslo is one of the top sustainable cities in the world. The capital of Norway has been investing in the development of technologies for the production of renewable energy and energy recovery for decades.

The director as dictator

Cinematic propaganda is in the eye of the beholder.

Social networks try obligatory charity

Viral fakes aim to oblige footballers to devolve World Cup prizes in favour of Gaza victims.

Scary Dublin

If someone who loves Ireland embarks upon a new stay in Dublin toward the end of October, then he feels lucky indeed, while he drags his luggage under the dimly lit eye of pumpkins behind the windows, between shop windows veiled in woolen spider webs, studded of spiders and ghost’s silhouettes, while groups of kids bring with them to the suburbs scrap wood useful for traditional fires.

Science for monks

Science for monks

Filmmakers and classrooms

Though films are now made practically everywhere in the world, historically there are three countries that have continuously produced and continue to produce an almost complete palette of these works: the United States, Japan and France.

A lover’s discourse: fragments

“The necessity for this book is to be found in the following consideration: that the lover’s discourse is today of an extreme solitude.

The future is a foreign country

A Hewlett-Packard futurologist looksat the coming “Age of Scarcity”.

The book? A recent discovery in the world of contemporary architecture

In Norway when it comes to innovation the first words you hear are culture and environment. The autumn of 2014 will bring as a dowry to the city of Oslo a municipal public library that will be fully functional a couple of years later and whose specificity is the integration with the whole urban context around.