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“For centuries Europe has been an idea, holding out hope of peace and understanding. That hope has been fulfilled… European integration shows that we have learned the painful lessons of a history marked by bloody conflicts”. Those are the stirring opening words of the Berlin declaration approved by the 27 Heads of State and Government of the EU Member Nations and signed by the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Parliament. The words are not rhetorical; they express the wish for a realistic union of the past with the situation actually existing in Europe today.

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THE KIDS IN THE LAST ROW Every country has the “worsts” that it deserves. For example, in our own little world, we Italians have the “Tapiro d’Oro” (Golden Tapir), while Americans have their “Razzies”, as the Golden Raspberry Awards are affectionately referred to…

Mitteleuropean philosophy a forgotten tradition

There is a philosophical tradition, generically defined as “Mitteleuropean philosophy”, which is difficult to find in manuals. It is, therefore, a “forgotten tradition”. It is not a school since Mitteleuropean philosophy does not have the characteristics of a “school”. Of course there are authors like Franz Brentano, Edmund Husserl and Kazimierz Twardowski who are considered its “fathers”, and some texts, such as Logical Investigations by Husserl…

Dossier – The climate effect

The consequences of climate change do not only concern the configuration of our world. The effects can also be seen on the economy, rights, political and strategic balances etc. So, while experts make ever more dramatic appeals, there are those who ponder the possibility of investing in and making money from the business of catastrophes. Others are seeking  new solutions to the greenhouse effect, like Noè Van Hulst, director of the International Energy Agency, who is convinced that the new generation of nuclear energy is safer and less polluting than other energy sources. As for Wolfgang Sachs, a researcher at the WuppertalI institut..




Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

Singapore: Who Is Lawrence Wong

Brazil Suffers From Climate Change

Xi Jinping: The Trip To Europe

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