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Russia will hold parliamentary elections on December 4. Assuming the trends detected by a number recent sociological surveys hold true, the new Russian Parliament...

That’s incredible

PUPPY BEWARE - Man’s best friend is increasingly a victim of the global economic crisis. In the United States dog kidnappings are on the...

By the numbers

PHONE ABSTINENCE - 33%: Percent of Americans who'd give up sex for a week rather than surrendering their mobile phone (70%women).  

Rieff: Navigating the Pain of Others

American writer and advocate David Rieff has a complex relationship with humanitarianism and the assistance it provides.  

Recommended reading

Yulia Latynina - Il richiamo dell'onore - Reviewed by Elena Murdaca. Diane Ducret - Le donne dei dittatori - Reviewed by Marina Gersony. Amruta Patil -...