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Vladimir Lenin, icon of the Russian Revolution and father of the Soviet Union, was never short on sayings: “Any cook should be able to run the country.” “Democracy is indispensable to socialism.”

That’s Incredible

Musical repression Following anti-gay laws, moralistic Russian authorities appear to have turned their aim on musicians.

Art and Resistance Are Middle East Neighbors

In the Arab world and in Iran, artistic expression is intrinsically linked to resisting authoritarianism. The wave of changes sweeping Middle East has returned artists, videographers, documentary makers and webmasters to the forefront.

Eastern Shore

Governing in Crisis


Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan: the shapers of Central Asia

Afghanistan, the indomitable land

AUKUS: friends and nuclear submarines

The disaster of the Aral Sea and the risk of new water wars

“Open Balkan” initiative, an alternative to EU