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The Athenian statesman Solon admonished citizens that being part of a democracy meant picking sides. “When the situation is grave,” he wrote, “voters must get their hands dirty, and every citizen must participate in the debate, let no one remain neutral.”
Democracy lessons from the 6th-century BC can be chastening, since after Solon came Pisistratus, a tyrant.

That’s Incredible

Filipino boom in 2011, Philippines took over from India as the call center capital of the world, employing some 600,000 people. Whether you’re calling to book a flight, secure a theater ticket or demand to know why your TVis malfunctioning, you’re likely to get a Filipino.

Travel Books

The search for exotic and the unusual destinations attracts tens of thousands of people to some of the most remote places on the planet.  They journey to deserts of Africa, the Amazon Basin, Himalayan valleys and Pacific atolls.


The disaster of the Aral Sea and the risk of new water wars

“Open Balkan” initiative, an alternative to EU

Goodbye Suga, who’s next?