East 48

26 June 2013

Figuring it out

AT THE SOURCE – 20,000 litres: the amount of water required to produce 1 kg of beef.
valentina pascucci
25 June 2013

Over the River and into Utopia

Squeezed between the Dniester River and the Ukraine, Transnistria isn’t recognised by any of the world’s governments. Yet it has its own flag, currency, a capital and a Supreme Soviet with full powers. Welcome to the last of the Soviet socialist republics.
valentina pascucci
25 June 2013

Editorial – Tigers of the Orient

Sabre-tooth tigers, tigers hidden in the jungle undergrowth, battleworn tigers, wounded, bleeding tigers. The title of our dossier is a tribute to the two vast continent-countries (the “dear enemies”) that are currently dictating the turbulent beat of our new century.