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Truth is the most Difficult Art

On a quest for a ‘pure’ gaze on the world, the Sensory Ethnography Laboratory at Harvard University has produced some of the most interesting documentaries in recent years.

El sistema

Keep playing and injustice will pass you by. The ‘collective and democratic music’ experiment turns 40.

Architecture Post-disaster Housing

The UN high commission for refugees and the Swedish firm Ikea have joined forces to come up with something better than a tent for those who, following some disaster or other, have to leave their homes.

Rain Men Wanted

The expression ‘differently able’ is not only politically correct, it’s also true…

The First to Suffer

The weak always foot the bill. In the United Kingdom the worst hit by the endless economic and social crises are the young.

Testimonies – We are the resources

“What is the most important resource on the planet?” This was the question East asked of four young Europeans with a passion for the environment. They answered through their observation of the world, by letting their experience of life shine through and by questioning their own thoughts. Looking into the future.

Loki, Snow Dragons and Cold Polar Winds

‘Stealth’ snowmobiles and dragon ships: a future conflict on the Artic ice is in the planning stages while diplomats already wage a war of words.

Mountains of Water

With eight of the highest peak s on the planet, Nepal is ever y climber’s Valhalla. Pity its many gushing rivers exer t an equally fatal att raction on dam builders.


It’s over. Finally, the eurozone has exited the longest and worst recession since the Great Depression of the ’30s. But who should take the credit for ushering the 17-country bloc out of economic darkness?  



Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

Singapore: Who Is Lawrence Wong

Brazil Suffers From Climate Change

Xi Jinping: The Trip To Europe

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