East 51

Cuban sugar

Cuban sugar


Climate migrants

A newly coined word, ‘climigration’, summarizes the fate of islanders forced to flee from sea levels rising because of global warming

Mining of the third kind

The US is preparing to exploit the minerals in asteroids, but who owns the riches in space?

Imperial Mathematics

American researchers believe they have found the key to history with software that predicts the rise and fall of ancient empires

Ahmed Mourad, courtphotographer

Mourad, the official photographer Hosni Mubarak and Mohamed Morsi, also writes successful thrillers…

The difficult art having a laugh with Allah

For today’s Westerners, ‘Islamic humour’ seems almost an oxymoron – but have you heard the one about crying over a kabob?

‘Eats on the Street’ become respectable

Street food and sidewalk dining now influence mainline cuisine

On-screen piracy

Raiders on the high seas between cinema and reality. Captain Jack Sparrow versus Afweyne, the Somali pirate king

Maritime music from the Pharaohs to Britney Spears

“A song is worth ten men”, a seafaring saying goes. Sailors, castaways, pirates and kings swinging with the Beach Boys 

New green ships for eco-oceans

Rigid sails collect solar energy while hulls catch the wind and kites tow container ships: the sea will never be the same


Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan: the shapers of Central Asia

Afghanistan, the indomitable land

AUKUS: friends and nuclear submarines

The disaster of the Aral Sea and the risk of new water wars

“Open Balkan” initiative, an alternative to EU