East 53


New supersonic combat drones will leave fighter pilots jobless.

Scuttled warships bring life to seabeds

Naval craft historically sank in defeat, now they go to the bottom in victory.

A Prussian general fights today’s wars

Dead nearly two centuries, Carl von Clausewitz still has the last word on Syria and Iraq.

Improvised war

The energy behind the barricades explodes. People and destinies bond. The faces of the protest reflect instincts and techniques promptly transformed into action.

Hard men with soft centres

Numerous world leaders have felt the ‘poetic urge’.

Churchill’s cat

Did felines win the Second World War?

Imperfect empires

Advice from the decline of Rome: “Don’t fill the World”.

Points of view – Masonic plots

Freemasons own the Moon.

Joschka Fischer thinks about the world ahead

East speaks with Germany’s former ‘superstar’ Foreign Minister, ‘Europe is not without fault in Ukraine’.

Internal devaluation

An economic cure that risks being worse than the disease ther.


“Mine-golia”, a country that thrives on mines

What the future holds: attack on Taiwan?

Zaki, a terrorist for al-Sisi