East 55



Technology&Resources – USA: the fracking boom is a victim of its own success

Emerging problems are slowing growth.

Our megacities are sinking

Fast-growing urban centres are collapsing under their own weight.

The name is the game

For independence movements, an Internet domain can be half the battle.

Classic contraband

Tobacco: the most smuggled legal substance in the world.

Back to the future in East Africa

The five members of the East African Community launch a common currency with a long history.

Champions – Youngsters won the World Cup

Germany’s success in Brazil underlines the importance of starting your players young.

Food&culture – Le Cordon Bleu has a recipe for making chefs

The high temple of French cooking has 50 schools in over 20 countries.

East Books

Learning to love.

Film Filmmakers and classrooms

French cinema ‘owns’ education.


The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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