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FOOD & CULTURE – Eataly conquering the world

With Expo 2015 Farinetti's global brand will showcase Italian regional cuisine.   From Bali to Dallas, Italian food can be enjoyed everywhere,...

A seed in the city

Interview with Michele De Lucchi, the architect of the Pavilion project that will be opening during the Expo.   Unicredit Pavilion opens...

Africa comes to the fore at Expo

“Africa’s presence at Milan’s Expo 2015 is its most important to date. And it isn't just a matter of numbers; the real difference is...

Universal Exposition, a window on the future

The universal expositions (also called world’s fairs) are six-month, non-commercial events aimed at creating a platform for international dialogue among citizens, countries and institutions...

FRONT PAGE – More Europe

This issue's cover features the Expo Milano 2015 because it is the kind of event that will capture worldwide public attention over the next...

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The power of the media: the focus and credibility of information in today’s world

Media and its influence on our perception of the world