Point of view – Four pals hanging out… Bergoglio, Putin, Obama, Xi Jinping

These four leaders, each delegated by their people to represent their will, have the power to make history. That’s why their meetings carry such weight.

Global intelligence!

In a scenario in which the enemy is no longer identified with ‘established states’, the management of information when fighting criminal organisations and terrorism requires a constant and timely exchange of transnational data. And much more.

Front page – From East to Eastwest: the pope, terrorism …

After 11 years as East, we felt the time had come to make the challenge we face clearer even in the magazine’s title: to offer a convincing interpretation of international affairs on a global scale and not necessarily with an oriental bias. Wherever a war is raging or a trade deal is being signed, the impact of today’s events cross national boundaries at the speed of the web, from east to west, north to south.


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