Eastwest 68

The dictatorship of the majority

General discontent generates populist nationalisms, which turn the will of the majority against the ruling class.

EAST/WEST – Psychopolitics

It’s not Donald Trump’s slogans that we need to worry about. We’re living in a climate reminiscent of Peter Seller’s timeless masterpiece Being There in which a political leader rises to fame by repeating advertising slogans he’s picked up watching television.

FRONT PAGE – Europe-US, a fundamental partnership

We are proud to inform our readers that as of September (initially as an experiment, but now with a long-term commitment), we have added a German edition to our Italian and English ones. The German edition is on sale now at newsagents and bookshops in Germany, Austria, Germanspeaking Switzerland and South Tyrol. It is important for Eastwest to address a world of public opinion that will be crucial for the future of Europe and a successful European integration process.


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