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North Korea – Rocket Man

The world’s factory

Forty years on from Mao’s death, China is leading globalisation without forfeiting its cultural identity or national sovereignty.

Is international trade safer these days?

In the wake of the economic crisis, the WTO has wind in its sails. Market globalisation seems to know no boundaries.

The rules of global employment

Jobs are shifting towards other continents and industrial sectors,creating winners and losers. Politicians must identify and implement new education and training systems.

Art – Damian Hirst, a global artist

Until 3 December 2017, Palazzo Grassi displays the precious cargo of a shipwreck.

Books – The Great Divergence

A book worth reading to understand globalisation’s past and peer into its future.

Anti-globalisation: Naomi Klein meets Trump

The No Logo movement against multinationals and the Earth’s exploitation is increasingly fashionable. Chomsky, Farage, Le Pen and Grillo all agree.

Irrepressible globalisation

Internationalisation has opened markets and reduced poverty. Regardless of protectionist inclinations, this is a tidal wave that can’t be stopped.

DOSSIER – Globalisation: truth and fiction

When all the planet’s inhabitants use the same means of communication and have potential access to the same verifiable information, this generates an almost consistent global demand where any differentiation is ultimately predictable.

INTERVIEW – Self-determination, to be free of oppression – Marino Busdachin (Unpo)

From Catalania to Kurdistan, two very different ways of feeling oppressed. The role of the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organisation. An interview with Marino Busdachin, the UNPO secretary-general.


Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

Singapore: Who Is Lawrence Wong

Brazil Suffers From Climate Change

Xi Jinping: The Trip To Europe

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