Brexit Reality Portraits, a Young European Movement project

Within the BRP project, the Young European Movement UK shows the impact of Brexit to people across the UK and the European Union

The Baltics and Poland vs Belarus: when a migration crisis becomes a political crisis

Belarus has recently been accused by the EU of using migration flows as a tool of political pressure. Poland and the Baltics are now responding by repatriating migrants and building up walls

ITA to replace Alitalia in mid-October after the EU’s green light

On 15 July, Italy reached a long-awaited deal with the European Commission following months of talks on the future of its national airline to ensure discontinuity between the old and the new company

Bosnia and Herzegovina: a country with no future

The future of Bosnia and Herzegovina looks bleak: poor economy, high emigration rates of the young and educated population, unemployment, poverty and corruption

Interview with Marta Grande

The pandemic crisis has worsened the situation of democratic standards and rights at the international level; we talk about this with the newly appointed President of the Italian Representation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Marta Grande

Albania between elections and european integration

Elections in Albania were held last 25th April and ended with the victory of the socialist Edi Rama. His future challenge will be to enter the European Union

Quo Vadis, Aida?: a very timely journey to the Oscars

Jasmila Zbanic’s movie reconstructs the Srebrenica genocide, where over 8,000 Bosniak men and boys were killed by Bosnian Serb forces. With Biden's election, the movie nomination comes at a perfect timing

What does the Salmond inquiry mean for Scotland?

The Scottish National Party is besieged by a political scandal which concerned former Party leader Alex Salmond: how could this undermine Scotland’s independence?

Can the EU go beyond the economy?

A group of students examines the critical points of the EU decision-making process in the post-Covid recovery and counts on a fairer and more sustainable future

Home schoolig and remote learning: which consequences for the Covid generation?

Who or what determines the choices for learning from home and what impact will it have on education and employment of the Covid generation?


Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan: the shapers of Central Asia

Afghanistan, the indomitable land

AUKUS: friends and nuclear submarines

The disaster of the Aral Sea and the risk of new water wars

“Open Balkan” initiative, an alternative to EU