Interview with Marta Grande

The pandemic crisis has worsened the situation of democratic standards and rights at the international level; we talk about this with the newly appointed President of the Italian Representation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Marta Grande

A world shaped by Covid-19

Parag Khanna: an exclusive interview with the Indian and naturalized American political scientist. That is how Covid-19 is shaping the world

Europe for Europeans

Interview with the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli: the responsibility for addressing the challenge posed by sovereigntism and nationalism must be faced together with the citizens, as were the elections

Vincenzo Boccia, the only Italian leader

In a country that is no longer creating leaders that make the grade, the President of Confindustria seems to have – perhaps the only person in Italy – a long term vision for a competitive and modern Italy. But also a few ideas about the next budget

A new history for Hungary

[caption id="attachment_82762" align="alignnone" width=""]Gábor Egry, director of the Institute for Political Studies in Budapest, is an expert in Hungarian nationalism. He has studied minorities and government policies related to how history is passed on.[/caption]Interview with the historian Gábor Egry on the government’s projects to change and reinvent Hungary’s past including Budapest’s architectural layout

Francesca Bria, a European citizen

[caption id="attachment_81799" align="alignnone" width=""]Francesca Bria, chief technology and digital innovation officer for the Barcelona City Council with Eastwest editor Giuseppe Scognamiglio on stage at the Eastwest Forum which took place in Rome on 5 October.[/caption]In the context of the Eastwest Forum, we asked Francesca Bria how it came about that a talent groomed in the European institutions who later established herself in Europe's (almost former) financial capital, was noted by Barcelona and not by her compatriots… until today…