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31 March 2021

Quo Vadis, Aida?: a very timely journey to the Oscars

Jasmila Zbanic’s movie reconstructs the Srebrenica genocide, where over 8,000 Bosniak men and boys were killed by Bosnian Serb forces. With Biden’s election, the movie nomination comes at a perfect timing
Laura Lamberti
27 March 2021

“Merkel culpa”: the chancellor’s apologies for Easter shutdown

Last Wednesday, Angela Merkel revoked the decision concerning the Easter holiday lockdown. The last few weeks have been remarkably tough for her, also for the face masks scandal
Margherita Girardi, Pietro Malesani
7 March 2021

Can the EU go beyond the economy?

A group of students examines the critical points of the EU decision-making process in the post-Covid recovery and counts on a fairer and more sustainable future
Chiara Pontin, Georgiana Moruz, Veronika Choshko, Erik Schmidt-Meinecke, Ian Dalmau Mandoza
10 February 2021

Europe’s post-pandemic strategy for the WHO

We publish a statement by our Director Giuseppe Scognamiglio for the European Council of Foreign Relations (ECFR)
Giuseppe Scognamiglio
10 February 2021

EU: the Coordinated Annual Review of Defence

In November 2020, the European Defence Agency released the final report of the first full CARD cycle (2019-2020). It represents an important step forward towards a closer cooperation at the EU level in the field of security and defence.
Pierluigi Barberini
15 January 2021

The world after the pandemic. The role of Europe and China

How and when will we emerge from the worst crisis of the last 70 years? The partnership between Europe and China will be crucial
Giuseppe Scognamiglio
24 December 2020

Home schoolig and remote learning: which consequences for the Covid generation?

Who or what determines the choices for learning from home and what impact will it have on education and employment of the Covid generation?
Oliver Beniston
18 November 2020

Covid and EU: will the EU rescue the economy from the crisis?

Five students of the Model EU 2020, the training course held by Eastwest European Institute, analyze the response that the European Union is giving to the Covid-19 crisis
Daria Derevianchuk, Ana Maša Leskovšek, Giorgia Polo, Clement Wallace e Marta Wawrzyniak
27 October 2020

Brexit and Covid: how do they work?

The Covid-19 pandemic slowed down many global processes, and one is Brexit. Can we blame the virus for a “no-deal” with the EU?
Karolina Korockina
23 October 2020

Social life after Covid: will it change and how?

The Covid-19 pandemic caused dramatic limitations to everyday routines. Our world will be increasingly digital, globalization will slow down, and regional and local connections will increase
Karolina Korockina