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5 May 2020

Coronavirus, Sweden: the experiment of Gustav Adolph

Sweden has produced a proud and functioning example. Let’s look at its results that rely on a great sense of individual responsibility

Marco Colpo
7 April 2020

Coronavirus touched our Scientific Committee

We lost a dear friend…

3 April 2020

Alitalia to be nationalized again

The “Cura Italia” decree includes provisions to nationalize the Italian flag carrier after years on the verge of bankruptcy and failed privatization attempts. 500 millions of euros of public funds have been granted to support the airline

Francesco De Luca
21 March 2020

Coronavirus infects air travel

Air travel is going through a historical crisis: cancelled flights, early retirements, unpaid leaves of absence and layoffs. It is hard to say when the sector will go back to normal

Francesco De Luca
18 March 2020

Mario Draghi, Special Commissioner for Europe

We all need the return of Super Mario. The Coronavirus poses not only a health emergency but also a political and economic one. Sign the petition!

13 March 2020

Call on Europe

Dear Readers, Eastwest is promoting a Call on Europe, to be published in all major European newspapers this Sunday before Monday’s EuroGroup Meeting. It is a request to the European Institutions to focus on the current Coronavirus Emergency with courage and with an emotional investment in order to prevent the souring of the Union in [...]
Emanuele Pisapia
26 December 2019

“Liberals” too little too late

Historically pro-European, during the course of history, the Liberal Democrats have suffered various identity crises. Now they are insisting on a second referendum

Alessandra Guglielmetti
26 December 2019

But the Empire is no longer

Outside the EU, the United Kingdom will have to find a new role, new partners and ways of meeting global challenges. Yet imperialist ambitions remain

Alessandra Guglielmetti
20 December 2019

The end of the United Kingdom

If it leaves the EU with no deal, the United Kingdom risks upsetting the delicate balance that has held four nations for centuries

Alessandra Guglielmetti
16 December 2019

A leadership crisis

The British educational system produces ambitious and pugnacious leaders who can’t handle uncertainty and compromises. After university, they have to win every argument

Alessandra Guglielmetti

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