ITA to replace Alitalia in mid-October after the EU’s green light

On 15 July, Italy reached a long-awaited deal with the European Commission following months of talks on the future of its national airline to ensure discontinuity between the old and the new company

Interview with Marta Grande

The pandemic crisis has worsened the situation of democratic standards and rights at the international level; we talk about this with the newly appointed President of the Italian Representation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Marta Grande

Europe for Europeans

Interview with the president of the European Parliament, David Sassoli: the responsibility for addressing the challenge posed by sovereigntism and nationalism must be faced together with the citizens, as were the elections

Statement on the European Parliament’s confirmation procedure concerning Sylvie Goulard

Our director Giuseppe Scognamiglio co-signed an appeal to the European institutions on Sylvie Goulard's case

The Europe of Maastricht

With Federica Mogherini we go through the recent history of the European integration process. We will find out things we did not know...

If the best are shot down…

The European Parliament is not immune to the prevailing populist approach. The most deserving and entitled candidate for a European Commission post has been rejected. The legislature has started out on the wrong foot

Hungarian elections: are the tides turning?

Orban lost the control of several key cities. The country experiences similar development as Turkey: suburbia remains more loyal to the government, while opposition is growing in cities

Brexit and the British

Brexit seems to be a never-ending saga. Who is ready for the final season?

A conference on the Future of Europe

European Union could become capable of responding to the challenges of our time. A hope for us and for the future generations

Asylum-seekers: a burden or a sign of solidarity?

A French student talks about his experience in the "Model European Union" simulation, held by the Eastest European Institute in Paris (April 2019) and in Brussels (May 2019)