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The Smith Commission lets Scotland down

Yesterday the Scots celebrated their beloved patron saint, St Andrews. For many in Scotland the celebrations were spoilt by the recently released report of the Smith Commission. The commission was set up by Prime Minister David Cameron after the vote against Scottish independence.

The future of the Scottish National Party

Last Friday was the first day of the Scottish National Party’s annual two-day conference in Perth, during which Nicola Sturgeon officially took the lead of the Scottish National Party (SNP) replacing Alex Salmond, as it was announced after the referendum’s negative result. Sturgeon will also become Scotland first female prime minister later this week.

EU migrants bring economic gains to the UK

Immigrants are this century’s favourite scapegoats and migration policies are one of the most controversial subjects when it comes to politics. With the next parliamentary elections coming up next May 2015, 40% of the electorate claims immigration is the most pressing issue.

Drinking culture in the UK

The end of the so-called “Sober October” calls for a series of routine reflections on the consumption of alcohol in the United Kingdom. Many Britons proudly identify themselves with the UK drinking culture, seeing it as a joyful part of being British.

Burma, first “democratic” elections in 2015: Aung San Suu Kyi barred from running for president

Parliamentary elections will be held in Burma in November 2015. The renewed chambers will then elect the new president who will replace current President Thein Sein, the former military commander who served during the brutal military junta.

The UK talks privatisation of the National Health System

Together with the Scottish referendum another heated debate that has been taking place in the UK for the last couple of years is the one concerning the extensive reorganization the National Health System (NHS).

Crimea, the Republic of Kazantip was annexed too

There were people in Crimea who were claiming for their freedom, and were neither the Russians nor the Tatars. The Republic of Kazantip existed long before the referendum, before the annexation. Ephemeral and surreal as its inhabitants, it materialized every year in these days of August on the shores of the Black Sea. But not this year.

Gaza, the real mass destruction weapon is education

Tala S. is a high school girl as many others: she studies hard, hangs out with her friends, builds her future day by day. But her name, of evident Arab origins, predicts us an identity burden not as common as one can expect. Even though she goes to school as any other kid of the same age, it is in fact the place where she attends her classes that makes her a high school girl out of the ordinary.

The war in Ukraine we make on Facebook

The war in the east of Ukraine sees not only government forces and rebels clashing, but also two armies around the world facing each other on social networks. Possibly it’s the first time an ethno-political conflict unleashes cheer on the web like in a stadium. It has nothing to do with news. While two deaf propaganda clash, the truth sinks deeper and deeper.

The Left in the European Parliament: “we are radical Europeans, for a union of peoples”

Right from the introductory debate on the new legislature of the European Parliament, on July 2nd, the Group of the European United Left – Nordic Green Left (GUE / NGL) called for a reinforced European solidarity through a New Deal organized in Project bonds, Tobin Tax, Carbon Tax and instruments of income redistribution through taxation and that lead to a new ecological path for the economy.


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Environmental Sustainability Within Private Companies

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