1 April 2021

Mozambique: Frelimo lost its gas gamble

The Frelimo leadership bet the country on the dream, that the gas bonanza would benefit everyone by 2020. But last week it lost
Joseph Hanlon
31 March 2021

The US-China-Russia crossfire

After Biden’s elections there is a widespread expectation for an American foreign policy more characterized by diplomacy and dialogue. But for now, a multilateral approach is highly unlikely
Marco Carnelos
15 March 2021

Iraq: the political brotherhood of Pope Francis

The Pope’s visit to Iraq contains a political message not only addressed to Christians but to all minorities and has a symbolic importance that the enthusiasm of people has understood
Gaja Pellegrini Bettoli
12 March 2021

The heroin epidemic in Myanmar

In Myanmar drug addicts are everywhere: the phenomenon is now ordinary and socially accepted. Consequently, there is a significant spread of HIV and a precarious state of health at a general level
Pietro Malesani, Margherita Girardi
18 October 2020

China’s role in global governance

China has paved a new path for global governance away from US dominance towards new supra-national institutions. But concerns surrounding 5G and Covid-19 have put this under immense strain
Clement Wallace
16 October 2020

US elections: has Trump lost?

2020 US elections: is Trump re-election fruitful or futile? There is no question that he has left an unmistakable impression on US politics, but will his actions bolster re-election hopes or cause him to crumble?
Oliver Beniston
13 October 2020

The suffered Caucasus’ march toward the peace

The conflict in Nagorno Karabakh started thirty-two years ago. It is time to create indispensable premises for the future of a trustworthy peace
Nina Kecojevic
12 October 2020

The role of the media in the rise of China

The media’s role in China’s rise paint a picture centred around US struggles to maintain hegemony. Transparent and impartial information disseminator? Far from it
Clement Wallace
27 September 2020

Multilateralism or antagonism?

An alliance of democratic countries against an alliance of authoritarian states, the current global political trend, does not serve the cause of international cooperation
Anthony Dworkin
18 September 2020

Environment: a competition between politics and diplomacy

Politics and diplomacy are always competing on closely-related topics such as energy, environment and climate change. Instead, they should work together with mutual respect
Giorgia Polo