23 April 2020

Covid-19: social, economic and geopolitical impact

Upon the Silk Council President’s request, Sino-Italian lawyer Lifang Dong, eastwest is pleased to publish an interview that reconstructs the stages of the Covid-19 crisis and the supporting measures adopted by all governments. Among the interviewees are Italian geopolitics experts, including Giuseppe Scognamiglio, Editor of eastwest

19 April 2020

Coronavirus, Africa: international aid needed

Coronavirus: Africa needs more international aids to deal with the Covid-19 emergency. The country is strengthening its healthcare structures but it needs help

Francesco Infante
7 April 2020

America first and the sovereign citizens

Leaders chase patriotic citizens, renouncing to rule phenomena. The coronavirus condemns the sovereigns to rethink the model

Eirk Jones
6 April 2020

The Covid-19 has arrived in Africa and no one is ready

Coronavirus: in Africa the daily subsistence is under threat. In a continent where every year people die from AIDS, respiratory diseases and malaria, the response to COVID-19 must be different

Francesco Infante
20 March 2020

A drone for hell

The end of Soleimani reveals the latent Iran-US conflict, capable of triggering various unexpected events: from a bloody collision to a diplomatic agreement

Alberto Negri
13 March 2020

Tehran’s nuclear

The resumption of uranium enrichment by Iran worries above all about the foreseeable nuclear race of the other regional powers

Gianandrea Gaiani
7 March 2020

The Iranian soft power

After the American invasion of Iraq, Tehran has strengthened its appeal by exploiting relations with local military and religious actors

Lorenzo Forlani
1 March 2020

Trump’s Schizophrenia

It will not be easy to return to the position of a balanced superpower but the hope of witnessing as soon as possible the end of Trump’s schizophrenic foreign policy puts a great responsibility on his competitors

Giuseppe Scognamiglio
22 January 2020

Nato in the space

The first steps of the Alliance in building an organized cyberspace defense system. But states want to keep their cyber operations secret

Stefan Soesanto
21 July 2019

ART – Art celebrates change

The works by Sultan bin Fahad tell the story of the Red Palace, a place of great symbolic value for Saudi history

Alessandra Guglielmetti