27 July 2020

France must recognize its role in Libya’s plight

EU should become a real neutral actor and play a role in mediating the lon and exhausting Libyan crisis. France could and should help in this.

Karim Mezran and Federica Saini Fasanotti
23 July 2020

Cuba: the health excellence

Cuba: the national health system guarantees care and prevention for the population. A scientific power at the service of world emergencies and calamities

Alfredo Luis Somoza
3 July 2020

US, the useless superpower

The US health system has not defended public health. On the contrary, Covid-19 pandemic has showed the blatant healthcare inequalities between Counties and neighbourhoods and, therefore, the census disparities

Martino Mazzonis
23 June 2020

North Korea, Kim Yo-jong: the new leader?

North Korea: Kim Yo-jong, the dictator’s sister, seems particularly interested in rising international tensions. But will she be the heir of the dynasty?

Kristof Filemon
12 June 2020

Coronavirus, South Korea and Japan: how did they react to the pandemic?

Coronavirus, South Korea and Japan react differently to the pandemic. If Seoul surprised everyone, Tokyo confirmed its bureaucratic immobility

Ilaria Maria Sala
8 June 2020

Coronavirus, China: the healthcare crisis

Coronavirus, China: today we are fully witnessing the crisis in the Chinese health system. So, instead of looking for unreal conspiracies, let’s analyze its inefficiencies

Ilaria Maria Sala
5 June 2020

A world shaped by Covid-19

Parag Khanna: an exclusive interview with the Indian and naturalized American political scientist. That is how Covid-19 is shaping the world

Orlando Trinchi
30 May 2020

The role-playing in Lybia

There’s no more choice between Serraj and Haftar: which side we need to take in a strife whose prize is not just Tripoli?

Romano Prodi e Giuseppe Cucchi
17 May 2020

Coronavirus, there is no conspiracy!

Conspiracy theories are fruit of an emotional, irrational approach to current problems. Let us reinstate reason over fear

Giuseppe Scognamiglio
15 May 2020

The world after Covid? (Almost) the same

Once the health crisis is over, we will resume our former life. With a few changes. Introduction to the latest issue of Eastwest, in newsstands today

Giuseppe Scognamiglio