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Singapore: Who Is Lawrence Wong

From Wednesday 15 May Wong will be the new Premier and will take the place of the last leader of the Lee dynasty. Will he be able to navigate the turbulent waters of international competition to maintain Singapore’s role as the traditional bridge between the West and East Asia?

Brazil Suffers From Climate Change

The state of Rio Grande do Sul hit by extreme climate events: 90 victims, 200,000 displaced after a week of rain in one of the most productive areas of the country. Lula prepares reconstruction and reaffirms commitment against climate change.

Xi Jinping: The Trip To Europe

Xi Jinping’s trip to Europe begins in Paris, where he returns after 5 years. Ursula von der Leyen will participate in the French talks, invited by Macron also to show European unity on the thorniest issues, such as trade. 

European Union: 20 Years Ago The Great Enlargement

Today, the European Union finds itself facing a new prospect of enlargement. In the Balkans, but also on the borders with Russia where, for geopolitical reasons, the candidacy of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia is supported by many.

China Hosts Talks Between Hamas and Fatah

Regardless of the outcome of the meetings, China aims to strengthen its image as a guarantor of stability and a responsible power capable of communicating with everyone. And it is succeeding better in the Middle East than in the war in Ukraine.

The Deportation of Migrants From the UK to Rwanda Is a Reality

Rwanda will receive considerable funding in exchange for its availability: 240 million pounds have already been allocated to the Kigali government, which covers part of the expenses related to the deported people but which also finances the development of the country.

The Universities Against Milei: The Hot Autumn of Protests Begins in Buenos Aires

Thousands take to the streets in Argentina to defend the national university system, under attack due to the spending cuts imposed by the Milei government. Even pensioners and workers on a war footing. New general strike on May 9th.


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Singapore: Who Is Lawrence Wong

Brazil Suffers From Climate Change

Xi Jinping: The Trip To Europe

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