13 January 2020

Iran and Libya: war and peace

Who is to blame for the 176 dead in Iran? Who will determine the peace in Libya? Video-comment by Giuseppe Scognamiglio
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26 December 2019

ART – An artist of these times

Born and grown up in London, daughter of immigrants from Ghana, Heather Agyepong reveals the uncertainty of her country
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25 December 2019

BOOKS – Brexit and the British

At the bottom of all Brexit issues there is one that concerns the British identity which now needs answering
Randa Ghazy
5 December 2019

No peace for Kashmir

India questions the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir, suppresses the dissent by violating civil rights and forces the isolation of the region
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6 November 2019

Eritrea reports a conspiracy from CIA

The country of the Horn of Africa accuses US intelligence agencies of instigating turmoil and trying to weaken the government of Asmara
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1 April 2019

Today’s press covers

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5 February 2019

Social Media Policy

The social media policy updates the users on the rules of conduct that must be followed within the Eastwest project’s digital environment and provides indication regarding the content and what kind of relationship one should expect. Eastwest uses social media for institutional  and general interest purposes to inform, communicate, listen and bolster participation, exchange of views and dialogue with the readers, stakeholders, organisms, association and citizens within a transparent and shared environment.     
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23 August 2014

Towards a new European foreign policy

If Brussels is at the wheel, then it must drive.
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15 February 2010

Dosier: China and India: Geopolitical Chess in Asia

China has supplanted Japan as Asia’s superpower. It is now seeking to fortify widespread diplomatic gains by consolidating energy resources in southeast and Central Asia. It also hopes to make the Yuan Asia’s currency of record. But its aggressive policies are beginning to raise serious questions in Moscow and Washington.
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15 December 2008

The Chinese mafia’s modus operandi in Italy

Chinese criminal organisations are building an increasingly powerful and widespread presence in Italy through illegal activities such as illegal immigration, prostitution and counterfeiting, not to mention tie-ups and alliances with the local mafia. Olga Capasso, an assistant prosecutor with the National Anti-Mafia Directorate, describes this growing phenomenon and outlines possible solutions, including extensive application of Article 416 (bis) of the so-called “anti-mafia law”
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