Enter the Red Dragon: the port of Piraeus as China’s gateway to the Mediterranean

The Chinese investment in Piraeus has been challenging the geopolitical equilibrium in Europe. However, will European leaders be strong enough to balance the need of a trade partnership with China and the safeguard of political, environmental and economic stability?

EU and China between CAI and human rights. A test for the future trajectory

A result of the new perspective created by “The EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda” is represented by the Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, a proposed investment deal between China and EU

China and EU on CAI: an uncomprehensive agreement

The EU-China relationship is complex. Differences and common interests make them partners but even rivals and competitors

China observes the conflict in Ukraine with contempt but learns the lesson with pleasure

While on the one hand China condemns the Russian-Ukrainian conflict in ambiguous terms, on the other hand it learns essential lessons that one day could be handy

What future for China?

In the third mandate of Chinese President Xi Jinping, China will take three distinct paths, which depend on each other and are interconnected

Sino-Australian relations continue to sour as Australia flexes its diplomatic muscles

Sino-Australian relations continue their downward spiral as Australia increases its presence in the Indo-Pacific with a stream of treaties to counter Chinese influence, including a landmark defence pact with Japan

Between Giant China and Goliath Lithuania, Taiwan says its word

Recently, the Chinese customs authority decided not to let enter a shipment of Lithuanian bottles of Rum, lightning a diplomatic case monitored not only by the other EU but also by Taiwan

Cold climate at the Winter Olympics

On the 6th of December the White House announced they will not send a diplomatic delegation to the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022. This move angered China but it risks to remain an isolated effort by the US without the support of many of their allies


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