Iran: Tehran is a prison, Evin is a university

Despite the regime’s efforts to obscure the protests and downsize their global appeal, it is evident that this revolution will not be stopped anytime soon

Why Biden’s trip to the Middle East has failed

Joe Biden’s first presidential trip to the Middle East did not bring the hoped-for outcomes, at least for the White House. Rather, Saudi Arabia has been benefited and can now flaunt the Kingdom’s centrality in the region

Qatar’s soft power: creating the image of an open and peaceful country

Despite its position and size, Qatar has managed to punch above its weight on many regional matters and pursue a balanced and independent foreign policy

Afghanistan, Talibans banned girls from returning to school

On March 23, the first day of the school year in Afghanistan, secondary schools for girls did not reopen. The international reaction is immediate, funding and donations are at risk. Today the UN conference on humanitarian assistance to the country

War in Ukraine: where does the Middle East stand?

The war has brought to light the divergence of interests between some States in the Middle East and the West. The aim of this article is to analyse how these different positions might redraw geopolitical balances

Afghanistan, the indomitable land

The failure of a foreign power to retain control of Afghanistan is anything but unprecedented. Yet, the unmasking of the profound fragility of the liberal international order that came with it is a watershed in the international panorama

There is no place for India in the Taliban’s Afghanistan

After the recapture of Kabul, the Taliban announced the closure of trade routes that allowed Afghan products to reach India through Pakistan. With no more trade, Delhi has lost any leverage in a strategic country in which it has invested a lot

Afghanistan, the Taliban and the social media

A new front in the Afghan war: how the Taliban is making the most of social media platforms

Syria: the elections of a country in shambles

Presidential elections in Syria will be held on 26th May. They will be the second presidential elections since the war began in the country in 2011, and the result seems to be pretty obvious

The possible ends to the Afghan saga

2021 might see the end of the US’ longest war. And the silence surrounding its peace process is in stark contrast to everything that happened after the events that started this conflict


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The Chinese Dream: Is It Still Alive?

Ghana: the political impact of the economic crisis

Germany: A Difficult Energy Future is Coming

EU-Turkey energy transition cooperation