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. Champions – When football fans get even with the team they love


Football crusaders are running takeovers on incompetent owners.

The bond between a fan and his or her team is forged early on, through paternal emulation, on the advice of a friend, or because one is struck by a team’s colours or a particular player. And it’s a bond that lasts forever. Political allegiances may change – so fans say – but your football faith shan’t waiver.

Now though fans are finally beginning to discover that they can change their beloved team out of too little, or too much, love, but also for a good cause.

Such as the nonprofit supporters’ trusts that have been sprouting up in England since the beginning of the new millennium.

Disappointed by seeing post-modern football drift towards hyper-commercialisation, thousands of fans have stopped supporting their teams to start other, more genuine clubs with strong ties to the community. To do so, they have been prepared to start over with amateurs, while managing the club according to the democratic principles of one person, one vote.

The Community Club (or fan-owned) model has made converts worldwide.

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