Children at the forefront of european and global action on migration


Children on the moveCHILDREN AT THE FOREFRONT OF EUROPEAN AND GLOBAL ACTION ON MIGRATIONInternational Roundtable – 6th September 2016

Save the Children organizes a High-Level Roundtable to discuss innovative ways forward to better manage, in compliance with International Conventions and protocols, the mixed migration flow through Europe. A mass of displaced children, unaccompanied or with their families, are risking their lives to make the journey and continue leaving their homes, endangering their survival, disrupting their education and exposing them to sever protection risks, including violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

The ongoing fluidity and rapidly changing context requires robust analysis capability, and a flexible and innovative model of operation and policy framework. For this purpose, Save the Children has created the concept of Children on the Move which is inclusive of all those traditional categories of children moving across (and within) borders (trafficked children, economic migrants, asylum seekers and refugees, displaced children, etc.).

After almost one year and half from the adoption of the European Agenda on Migration and ahead to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), the Roundtable would therefore open a space for key Italian, International and European stakeholders to share strategies, policies and measures that they are putting in place to effectively address refugees and migrants’ needs and rights in countries of origin, transit and destination in order to ensure coherence between migration and development policies, with a specific focus on vulnerable categories including children on the move. Especially children have been chronically underrepresented in the EU agenda on migration, including external migration strategies. Even though they now make up 36% of all asylum seekers reaching Europe, very few measures have been taken to address the needs of children, whether they are travelling alone or with their family.

The aim is to share also good practices and innovative and longer-term proposals to ensure rights of refugees and migrants in terms of effective reception; access to quality services along the all route, international and regional cooperation frameworks of responsibility-sharing as well as legal and safe routes for cross-border migration.

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