Eritrea reports a conspiracy from CIA


The country of the Horn of Africa accuses US intelligence agencies of instigating turmoil and trying to weaken the government of Asmara

The Eritrean Ministry of Information has made public a series of documents that testify to the activities conducted by the CIA, the secret services of the United States, in Eritrea in order to destabilize the country.

You will find below the link that shows all the documents in which the whole affair is reconstructed – published by the government of Asmara. It should be remembered that due to this type of activity Eritrea was subjected to several sanctions and forced into isolation, while it was at war with Ethiopia. According to the Eritrean Ministry of Information, these documents would constitute evidence that the Eritrean migration crisis was deliberately created with the complicity of UNHCR and other NGOs, in order to weaken and destabilize the African country.

Go to the link.

Read the exclusive interview that the Eritrean Ministry of Information Yemane Gebremeskel has granted us.

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