Call on Europe


Dear Readers,

Eastwest is promoting a Call on Europe, to be published in all major European newspapers this Sunday before Monday’s EuroGroup Meeting.

It is a request to the European Institutions to focus on the current Coronavirus Emergency with courage and with an emotional investment in order to prevent the souring of the Union in the hearts of the many fervent Europeans, especially those who watched Christine Lagarde’s unfortunate comments.

If you agree to sign this Call (signed by over 1000 personalities), you will reinforce this initiative, which will remain on for a week and will include your name among the signatories.

This initiative has been launched by the European think tank CesUE.

This Call has been mentioned by Il Corriere (Italy), La Repubblica (Italy), El Diario (Spain), L’Express (France), Euractiv (all national versions). Among the signatories are José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (former Prime Minister of Spain), Pascal Lamy (former Commissioner and Director-general of WTO), Edmond Alphandéry (President of the Centre for European Policy Studies and former French Minister) and many other former ministers, members of the European and National Parliaments.

Thank you

This Call has been already signed by

  1. Romano Prodi, President of eastwest Scientific Committee
  2. Giuseppe Scognamiglio, eastwest editor
  3. Enrico Letta, member of eastwest Scientific Committee
  4. Pier Carlo Padoan, member of eastwest Scientific Committee
  5. Piero Fassino, Vice President of Commissione Esteri Camera Deputati and Chairman of CeSPI
  6. Mahmoud Gebril, former Prime Minister of Libya
  7. Myrta Merlino, TV journalist
  8. Attilio Navarra, Ceo of Italiana Costruzioni
  9. Livio Vanghetti, Executive Vice President of Philip Morris
  10. Luca Bollito, CEO of Autec Service
  11. Claudio Corbino, Chairman of Associazione Diplomatici
  12. Giuseppe Cucchi, former army corps General
  13. Giovanni Moro, Chairman of Cittadinanza Attiva think tank
  14. Marco Giovannini, CEO of Guala Closures
  15. Michele Bonello, CEO EUROPE of Principle AS
  16. Massimo Santomauro, CFO of Tecnocap
  17. Aldo L. Kaslowski, Chairman of Organik Holding A.S.
  18. Daniele Frigeri, Director of CeSPI
  19. Leonardo Grannoio
  20. Fabrizia Falzetti, eastwest editorial committee
  21. Silvia Settecasi, eastwest editorial committee
  22. Theresa Lindo, eastwest editorial committee
  23. Alessandra Guglielmetti, eastwest editorial committee
  24. Marina De Stefani, Personal Assistant of EWEI Chairman