A question of balance, interview to Joe R. Lansdale

«They drive each other, they keep pulling each other in different directions and yet they came together all the time, like the yin and the yang». Cordial and approachable in person as much corrosive and immediate in his works, Texan writer Joe R. Lansdale is speaking about Hap and Leonard, couple of investigators created by him, protagonist of a series of stories and novels – including the new book Rusty Puppy, published in Italy by Einaudi, and the next, Jackrabbit Smile –, one of the crowing points of a wide and eclectic production.

Lansdale, do you see a balance such as that between Hap and Leonard around you?

«I see more a spread of extreme views: balance between yin and yang is what I hope for unify them and that is conceptually hopeful. I think that we can do it, that we can maintain it. We'll see».

Is America changing? Do you see more racisme and less reception?

«I think the world is changing today: it's becoming smaller and more people are immigrants. It's already happening and it will happen, you can't stop it. I just read about the Neanderthals that people say they disappeared but they didn't, just integrate with Cro-magnians and other groups. People so they'll not disappear if become part off. I think this is what's happening, gradually but this is what's happening».

There are responsabilities of the press in spreading of insecurities and fears?

«Press has many responsabilities. Now opinion, press and entertainment came together: it isn't what is supposed to be. The press is supposed to be what the people turn to get the fact and I still think that best journalistes do that but a lot of Tv journalistes are not best journalistes».

Movin on, in your opinion will Trump end his electoral mandate?

«I think that surely, if democraths came here little stronger, they'll be able to push back. Impeachment or resignation would be very nice, but, if nothing else, we need just to keep him in check until to mid-term turn election».

According to you, are Trump loosing his followers?

«Yes. He just blows with the wind: let them be happy for a little bit and he just do what they want, but how to use he not helps really none, he's not gonna give the many things that really matter in the middle-long run».

Speaking about your writing, you're very eclectic: yor write novels, stories, comics, screenplays. How dou you choose narrative medium more appropriate? Which are you approach about this?

«I don't think about it: wherever I have an idea that fits to one medium, I do».

About you future works?

«I get a novel I'm working on now and I have novels already finished that are forthcoming. Maybe I'm directing a film – that's the plain – and continue writing stories, books, screenplays and comics: you know me».

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