A Finnish artist at Villa Borghese, a Nordic exhibition in Rome

From June 17th to September 17th, the Carlo Bilotti Museum (at Villa Borghese, in Rome) will host the ideas of the Finnish artist Markku Piri (already at Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence between March 23rd and June 4th) in autumn the paintings will arrive at the Museo del Vetro di Murano in Venice.

Markku Piri, designer and painter, is known for his ability to harmonize works of art and architectural space.

The author is appreciated in Finland and abroad (various exhibitions took place in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon, Washington and Berlin). Glass sculptures were realized with Murano artisans and artists of the Lasismi cooperative; The artist for the centenary of Finnish independence this year looks to the tradition of the Nordic country. Glass sculptures are alongside paintings and fabrics.

In 2017 many initiatives are taking place in several countries to remember the Centenary of Finland's independence. In Italy, three new consulates have recently been opened: in Milan, Venice and Trieste. In recent months Finnish culture has been the focus of interest in several cities: in early February the Scandinavian cultural event I Boreali in Milan (a review of literature, cinema, gastronomy, music), in March, The Be Nordic tourism Fair organized in Milan by Innovation Norway, Visit Sweden, Visit Finland and Visit Denmark, at the beginning of April the Milan Design Week.

In May, the Fifty-seventh Biennale di Venezia was inaugurated, the artists Erkka Nissinen and Nathaniel Mellors represent Finland (with the multimedia installation The Aalto Natives). Other events will take place in the autumn: classical music at the Festival of Sibelius in Liguria in October, in November the Pisa Book Festival.


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