Another face of war on Syria

«They want to destroy Syria, the one remaining independent Arab state, and the heart of the Axis of Resistance (linked to Iran and Hezbollah)». What Australian writer and scholar Tim Anderson realizes in his accurate and well-documented essay, The Dirty War on Syria – published in 2016 by Global Research Publishers and the following year in Italy by Zambon Editore – is a fundamental reversal of perspective about war on Syria, its true causes and hidden interests of powers involved.

Tim Anderson, who wants to destroy Syria and hopes for its regime-change?
The main aggressors are the USA and Syria's former colonial rulers the UK and France, with their regional partners Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and Israel.

What's the “Syrian Observatory for Human Rights”?
That is a one-man-band based in England, a Syrian Muslim Brotherhood character called Rami Abdul Rahman. He has successfully positioned himself as a key source of 'information' for western media on this war. He flies the flag of the jihadists, and so is obviously partisan, but this doesn't seem to bother much of the corporate media.

Which kind of involvement connects US to confessional opposition forces?
Former US Vice President Joe Biden admitted in late 2014 that US allies - the Saudis, Turkey, Qatar and others - had funded and armed ALL the jihadist groups, including al Nusra and ISIS. The western powers just try to keep ISIS / DAESH at 'arms length'; but ISIS uses mainly US weapons.

What's the role of Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabis in the destabilisation of this area?
The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood dominated anti Syrian government armed groups until ISIS entered Syria in 2013. Their main sponsors were Qatar, Turkey and others. However the Saudis have been rather jealous of the Brotherhood, so they have preferred to fund and arm other jihadist groups, like ISIS, which they created in Iraq. Most of the time the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood has cooperated with the internationalised al Qaeda groups but at other times (when they are losing, or when they have territorial wars) they turn on each other.

Did you find discontinuity between administrations of Obama and Trump in relation to war on Syria?
It seems there is more continuity, though that is not yet clear. In 2016 Trump spoke of a retreat from the war on Syria, but his missile strike in April shows that he apparently felt he had to attack Syria to prove his credentials at home. At the same time, US troops have openly invaded Syria, using as their proxies two Kurdish-based groups, the YPG and the SDF.

What are responsibilities of ONG like Avaaz, Human Right Watch and Amnesty International?
While these groups are not strictly governmental, I think they are better regarded as PR Corporations. They are not ONGs (NGOs) in the sense of having any community control or independence from the big powers. Under the Obama administration there was no difference between the White House and Avaaz/HRW/Amnesty of any particular war issue.
Indeed, both HRW and Amnesty officials worked with and interchanged with the US State department. Let's see if any differences emerges under Trump.

What could you tell us about distortion of truth by western media (BBC, The Guardian, ecc...)? What's about Al Jazeera?
There are many, many cases of war propaganda fabrication by al Jazeera, the BBC, the UK Guardian and others. I don't mean just biased reporting, I mean active participation in the fabrication of evidence.

Much of these came from the 'liberal' side of western media, as I explain this article.

What we mean with false flag (Houla, Daraya, Aqrab, use of chemical weapons in east Ghouta, ecc...)?
'False flag' means an act of war or a crime which is deliberately blamed on the other side.
The dirty war on Syria has been full of these, as I explain in my book The Dirty War on Syria. In two chapters I document the false flags the may 2012 massacre at Houla village and the east Ghouta chemical weapons incident in August 2013. The purpose is an attempt to hide the violation of international law implicit in aggression against Syria and to create an image of 'extraordinary circumstances' where the sovereignty of Syria can be violated.

What do you think about recent, alleged use of chemical weapons in Idlib area and subsequent retaliation by the US?
Another false flag, very similiar to the one at east Ghouta more than three years earlier both have been exposed as fakes by independent evidence from Professor Ted Postol, a Pentagon consultant in forensics.

Many refugees flee the Syria to gain access to urgent care. What's real impact of sanctions against this country
Many have fled Syria but many more have been internally displaced, in the vast majority of cases they seek refuge in Syrian Army controlled areas. While the western backed terrorism creates havoc in the country, western sanctions make life extremely difficult. The WHO [World Health Organization, ndr.] recently pointed out that western financial sanctions prevent the financing of essential medicines, foods and fuel.

How ISIS receives weapons from US and other countries?
Mostly through intermediaries, especially Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

What do you think about agreement regarding creation of four buffer zones?
It depends who controls the zones. The current danger is that the US and its allies will use such zones to dismantle Syria, for example by trying (illegally) to carve a Kurdish statelet out of Syria. If however this is an extension of the ceasefires, helps isolate the terrorist groups and helps in the internal musalaha / reconciliation process, it could be valuable.

You warned us about manipulation of truth. Who could we believe?
We can believe nothing from those governments, and their embedded media, which have tried to destroy Syria over the past six years. Deceit has been at the heart of this dirty war.
At the very least people should look at the "other side", in this case the Syrian, Iranian and Russian media. In the English language media there are some good independent journalists and analysts, such as these: Sharmine Narwani, Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, Stephen Gowans, Stephen Lendman, Tom Duggan, Caleb Maupin, Mnar Muhawesh, Kevork Almassian, Rick Sterling, Marwa Osman, Alexander Mercouris and Brandon Turbeville.

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