n.10 June 2006

A series of university lessons collected in book form. Not by the professor, but by his students, first and foremost Veronica Ronchi. This is how Modernizzazione senza sviluppo – Il capitalismo secondo Pasolini by Giulio Sapelli, professor of History of Economics, came about. In this interview, Sapelli describes how his passion for the Friulian poet was born and offers a different interpretation of him, one very distant from tradition.

Romania was one of the first CEE countries to show commitment towards EU membership by the mid ’90s, but it took more than a decade until the accession turned from a mere possibility into an expected reality.

A sociologist and a philosopher discuss Europe, not in an academic way but as observers, consultants and – albeit with differing methods – as political players. Aldo Bonomi, has given us some of the most lucid analysis on social change in the 1990s and the start of the new millennium. Massimo Cacciari, juggles his various occupations as university professor, writer and polemicist with the daily task of being Mayor of Venice.

Notwithstanding the euro, the enlargement, intervention in the Balkans and its role in the Middle East... European politics appears to be undergoing a phase of stalemate and distrust – a context that makes it hard to understand which “school of thought” will finally emerge the winner.