n.10 June 2006

The report that the European Commission presented to Heads of State and Government recently was a disappointing one. European citizens’ opinions on the hypotheses of further enlargement and concrete Community policies are of particular concern. There are however those, like Angela Merkel, who try to react to this pessimism.

The creation of a common market, the adoption of a single currency and the Lisbon agenda: these have been the most significant actions from the economic point of view. How has the EU economy reacted, and what have the consequences been in individual countries?

There are 111 letters in the longest name of a place in the world: Krungthephphramahanakhlon bowonratanakosin mahintharayuthaya mahadilokphiphobnovphrad radchataniburirom udomsantisug.
In one word: Bangkok.

The origins of the Armenian question go back a few centuries, but it was in the early 1900s that the genocide began. Turkey, a candidate for EU membership, finds it difficult to do justice to the Armenians even today, despite the existence of historical documentation bearing witness to a tragic reality. Europe’s own uncompromising position is merely theoretical.