n.10 June 2006

Giorgio Magistrelli is in charge of the main private lobbying organisation in China, with 800 European associate companies and seven representative offices all over China. His views give us a significant understanding of the obstacles that companies from the “Old Continent” must overcome when doing business with the Chinese. He also points out Italy’s failings in this regard, and that’s what he suggests.

China and India are not pulling only the Western economies along. The two Asian giants are also among the leading investors of capital in Africa. While energy and raw materials are the main attractions, the African continent also offers them plenty of opportunities in terms of plant engineering and transformation. Is this Shangri-la African countries need to emerge from the tunnel of poverty?

Koizumi’s economic reforms are beginning to show results: the savings rate is dropping and consumption and exports are taking off again. But the changes in the political and economic spheres have not been accompanied by similar changes in society, which continues to seem attached to centuries-old traditional culture and behaviour.

Election Monitoring is a world observatory of electoral ballots. A guide that, time after time, will make public the electoral results and strategies of countries to which the western media don’t give a voice. Everything will be accompanied by a summarized report on the socio-economic as well as political conditions of the countries under scrutiny: Hungary, Laos and Solomon Islands.