n.12 December 2006

Increasingly, European companies look at foreign countries to produce and sell their goods and services. Central and Eastern Europe is one of the preferred destinations of foreign investments from “old Europe”. Through a series of interviews to foreign entrepreneurs in the countries, the main drivers of internationalization have been analyzed and compared. Croatia is arelevant destination of foreign investments, especially from neighboring Italy and Austria.

Brussels, Strasbourg and St Petersburg: the “European building site” is made up of consolidated institutions as well as new structures, some of which – the new Adriatic and Black Sea euro-regions and the Congressof Local and Regional Authorities, for example –merit attention. Italian Giovanni Di Stasi, who played an important role in the start-up phase ofthese new structures, discusses their role.

The adhesion to the eu will be a supplementary boost to the Start of further modernization reforms. So as to make it possible, In a near future, also the implementation of socially Expensive and unpopular measures necessary to reduce the Remaining structural rigidities. A prerequisite also for a better Political stability.

First the XX Congress and the end of Stalinism. Then the threat of armed intervention in Poland. Finally, the Nagy rebellion in Hungary. With the Americans caught unaware and the Chinese demanding equal standing with the USSR. Crucial to the history of the Cold War and the international communist movement. There’s every reason to call 1956 an unforgettable year.