N.13 February 2007

In economics, nothing is inevitable, and seeking to govern the process of globalization is in no way antagonistic to market logic. Had Keynes paid attention to his ultra-free-trade critics, the GreatvDepression would have lasted much longer. Nobel Prize winner,Joseph Stiglitz tells us about his latest book, Making Globalization Work.

“China is incapable of changing without having a gigantic whip strike its back,” said Lu Xun, the father of modern Chinese literature, the Confucius of our era, as Mao Zedong defined him. Much of this is confirmed in the Italian writer’s new book Cina, il drago rampante. The new writers, for example, present in their books a China of the past and..

Unbreathable air, rivers used as dumps, and uncontrolled urbanization: the environment is paying a very high price for the remarkable growth of the Chinese economy. Aware of this, Beijing has begun to ask other countries, including Italy, for help, as Corrado Clini, General Director of the Italian Ministry of Environment and head of the task force of experts working in China, explains in this interview.


The country on the eve of elections

The Czech Republic experienced a major crisis towards the end of the 1990s, with a series of banks going bankrupt; since then, the country has gone through a phase of recovery, sealed in 2004 by its entry into theEuropean Union. Although it is considered an exemplary case of successful transition from a Socialist system to a market economy, the country is still experiencing some problems, from high levels of corruption to the current account and budget deficit.