N.13 February 2007

It is an anomalous glocalist leader for at least two reasons. The first is that there is not a first class restaurant in the world that does not serve it, despite it being rigorously produced and sold in Italy. The second is that the best known brand does not belong to a single company but to a consortium. Di Zibello, naturally. As Massimo Spigaroli explains to east, starting from Giuseppe Verdi.

Focused on innovation and research, with an immense drive toward internationalisation and upstream integration with the chemicals sector, and a belief in the importance of human resources. But also rigour and dedication to a business perceived as a living thing. Elena Zambon, the President of Zambon Spa, tells us the reasons for the Group’s success and for the recent choices “to spice up the business”.

A group with six plants: four in Italy, one in Ukraine and one in Oklahoma, US, exporting 65% of its sales to 70 countries. Strengths: research and innovation. Single fired tiles led to a boom in exports in the 70s. The Managing Director Sergio Sassi discusses the rise of an entrepreneurial success, born in the Mecca of ceramics, in this exclusive interview, and explains how he wants to assail the markets of Eastern Europe, Russia and China.

It's true that the bigger the cake, the more there is to go round. Statistics regarding India’s economic growth are comparable to figures for China. The yearly creation of wealth, which is now close to 10% of GDP, could benefit everyone. But the low quality of education, above all in public primary schools, the power to blackmail that is wielded by bureaucracy, corruption and caste divisions often impede the residents of the slums of Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Calcutta from getting their share of this economic boom. The risk exists that injustices and inefficiencies will stop the growth. But another danger exists as well: that the lack of infrastructure may create, over the middle- to long-term...