N.13 February 2007


Every day huge heaps of electronic gadgets are lost on the back seats of taxis. 54,874mobile phones were left behind in London cabs (32,970 in taxis in Mumbai and 6,440 in Sydney), where, in the second half of 2006, 4,718 handheld devices and 923 USB sticks were also lost. London heads the list for missing laptops too – 3,179 of them; followed by Munich with 355and Mumbai with 349.

In Polonia mon amour, the Polish writer, Gustaw Herling-Grudzinski, remembers the events of 1956, recalling the diverse elements that contributed to the implosion of the Soviet system. Focusing particularly on events in Poland, he draws lessons relevant to the present day noting, for example, that the journey from Communism to democracy remains incomplete. And in the case of Italy....

Increasingly, European companies look at Central and Eastern Europe to produce and sell their goods and services, and Slovakia is among the preferred destinations for Old Europe’s production investments. Through a series of interviews with foreign entrepreneurs in the country, the main drivers of internationalization of foreign companies and of Slovakian competitiveness have been analyzed and compared....

UN statistics state that this is the poorest country in Europe. Squeezed in between Romania and Ukraine, with a population of fewer than 5 million people, this ancient Roman colony still lives mainly on agriculture. The country’s principal source of income is a good quality wine exported chiefly to Russia. Emigration, especially by women, is creating social problems that will be hard to solve.