N.13 February 2007

Russia has regained economic power and has begun to expand Internationally. The oil and gas industry, metals and telecom have taken the lead. For the time after the parliamentary and presidential elections of 2007 and 2008, further company restructuring and expansion abroad is to be expected. The way this will be done will have a significant impact on whether the world will cheer russia’s new economic power or whether anxiety and opposition will rise


For the third consecutive year, SAM, the Centre for Strategic Studies of the Turkish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the UniCredit Group and the geo-political journals east and “Limes” promoted the regular Italian-Turkish Forum. The event, sponsored by the Foreign Ministries of Italy and Turkey, took place on 7 and 8 November 2006 in the setting of Villa Miani, Rome.

3-400,000 people emigrate to the West from Serbia every year. Around 10% of them are university graduates. More worrying still is that most of these highly educated migrants are engineers and technicians. The political class is weak and does not take great care of the future of young people. The economic damage inflicted on Serbia is therefore two-fold: the educational costs incurred and the negative effect on development. Some estimates put the figures at many billions of dollars. What does the future hold?