n. 14 April 2007


According to the WWF, a further consequence of the greenhouse effect and CO2 emissions will be a significant increase in storms and hurricanes in northern Europe, in particular: +25% in the United Kingdom +25-30% in Holland +10-20% in Northern France.

What are the implications of the reforms that have transformed China’s economy for other world economies? A book by Alessia Amighini and Stefano Chiarlone, titled L’Economia della Cina, focuses in particular on an analysis China: an identikit picture of a great power ECONOMY by Vittorio Borelli of the main risks related to the excessive growth of the Asian power and outlines the steps required to stabilize growth: adopting a more flexible exchange rate, creating a welfare state and modernising the financial system.


The country on the eve of elections Long years of privatizations and liberalist policies have turned Estonia into the wealthiest of the former Soviet countries while weakening social cohesiveness and – paradoxically – the economic system. In fact the country currently derives over two-thirds of its earnings from services, and the little that remains of its industrial activity is in the form of outsourced production for Finnish electronics and telecommunications companies.

Founded almost for fun in 1979 on the initiative of a group of Genoese sailors, today Slam is well-known and highly regarded in the nautical clothing world, both in Italy and overseas, from where it achieves 26% of its turnover. A company which, right from the start, has chosen to delocalize its production, especially to the Far East, and direct its course towards innovation. As the chairwoman Carla Gardino tells east.